Frequently Asked Questions

What are the initial steps for registration?

First of all login to our page and click on Register now. Then create account with mail ID and password. Then you can choose for whom you are creating the profile. Next is answering the questions that follows.

Is there any membership plans?

Yes, definitely we do have yearly and monthly plans. But it is completely free for the first 6 months.

But what if I forgot my password and then can I retrieve my account?

Yes, sure you can. There is a link called ‘forgot password’ , where you can click. So, you will get a password resetting option which can be obtained by mail ID.

What all can we use as login ID?

We provide three options. First one is your mail ID. Else you can login with your phone number. Or the third option is you can login by your matrimonial ID.

How do I contact a member?

You can see a message button on each and every profile. You can click on that, and a pop-up window appears. You can add your name, qualification, caste, contact number and send it to them. If they are interested they can contact you back in number.

So is it like anyone can contact us with our phone number?

No, no one can directly contact you in your number. But when they send an interest, you can get their details and contact back on the same, if interested.

How to add a profile picture?

While creating an account in PickMyPartner, the final step usually is updating the profile picture. If not, once you login again, you can add your profile picture from top left corner at ‘add profile picture’. You can add 5 to 6 images.

Can we do online payment?

Yes, we are soon enabling online modes of payment also.

Is it secure?

It is 100% secure as we are making transactions through payment gateways.

How can we upgrade to premium membership plans?

Yes, you can upgrade to premium membership plans by clicking on the ‘upgrade to premium membership’ button. There you can directly pay the amount and upgrade as a premium member.

How do I accept or decline a member who has contacted me?

Along with the request we are also providing options for accepting or declining the proposal. So, if you are interested, you can accept, if not, it is simple, you can decline.

How secure are my photos in PickMyPartner?

All the images in the profile picture are secured and it cannot be copied. Moreover, those who are accessing it from phones, screenshots are also disabled.

How do I send my contact information to other members of interest?

It is quite simple. You just have to enter your details while expressing the interest, although it is limited. You can only provide basic details like name, number, caste and educational details.

Is registration process free?

Yes, the basic registration process is free for all. Only if you want to upgrade your profile, you have to pay.

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